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MintData No-Code Platform, Release 3.0

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Feb 10, 2021
Eli KozikEli Kozik
5 min read

We're happy to announce the release of MintData 3.0, a unique no-code application development platform that lets you create stunning digital experiences up to 12 times* faster than a traditional development approach.

The new version of the MintData platform comes with a number of powerful features that make application development accessible for citizen developers and users with no programming background. The features include a new kind of spreadsheet used to define application behavior, multiplayer for collaborative development, and relational cloud storage via the MintData BASES feature.

*Based on measurements of MintData implementations at enterprise customers.

New features in MintData 3.0

An innovative spreadsheet

Define how your application reacts to mouse and keyboard events using the spreadsheet formulas you already know. Rapidly create business-critical applications without coding by creating two-way links between the MintData spreadsheet and the UI surface.

Citizen development

Now everyone in an organization can create enterprise-grade, responsive applications without writing any code, thanks to the drag-and-drop MintData UI surface and a familiar spreadsheet interface.

Multiplayer for application editing, just like Figma

Multiplayer editing, previously only available in tools like Figma for design, is now available in MintData for creating applications with your colleagues in real-time. A number of improvements over the Figma multiplayer experience also exist:

  • Create any application faster by working on it simultaneously with your teammates. While one of you works on the UI, another one can work on the logic and behavior in the MintData spreadsheet.

  • See which teammates are working on the same design and see each other's changes in real-time, making the collaboration much more productive.

MintData BASES

Leverage the power of a full database using simple spreadsheet functions. This gives you the ability to:

  • Create a database and manipulate the data with ease
  • Build and search through datasets that have billions of rows
  • Use MintData BASES to sync data between application users, enabling them to collaborate on their work

Additional features in MintData 3.0

  • Flow editor
  • Multiple environments (staging, production)
  • Unlimited design versions
  • Rich media library
  • Advanced layout system (responsive & adaptive layouts)
  • Real-time connectivity to popular data sources
  • Enterprise-grade security (for data in motion & at rest)
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History of MintData

The MintData platform started as a real-time stream processing engine that was used to process data in real-time (version 1.0).

The next version of MintData (version 2.0) featured a workflow editor built on top of the real-time stream processing engine, which allowed for saving and fetching data from company systems to define the logic of an application.

Today, MintData 3.0 is a revolutionary no-code application development platform that enables everyone to build powerful applications that run on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.


A revolutionary no-code application development platform, MintData is used to rapidly create and deploy business-critical software.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop environment and a familiar spreadsheet interface, the platform empowers users of any technical background to create web and mobile applications.