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An award-winning software consulting company, SiliconMint sets itself apart by the technical depth and breadth of its staff. Deeply rooted in Silicon Valley tradition, our IT consulting services drive digital transformation for organizations worldwide.

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Our IT consulting services

IT strategy

Refine your IT strategy, aligning it with your business goals and objectives. Have IT deliver more value for your organization:


  • Deliver high-quality, reliable software systems
  • Bridge the skillset gap in a cost-efficient way (insourcing vs outsourcing)
  • Reduce risk by ensuring IT security and compliance
  • Improve data quality via robust modeling and acquisition strategies
  • Leverage the latest no-code tools and platforms to accelerate development

Solution consulting

Analyze your business requirements and get recommendations on the appropriate off the shelf and custom technology solutions. Realize the benefits of using the right tools and processes:


  • High quality and optimum cost-efficiency 
  • Maximum return on investment
  • Excellent user experience
  • Faster time to market
  • Outstanding performance
  • Industry-standard security and compliance

Digital transformation

We help you leverage the advantages of digital technologies and boost your company’s efficiency and growth. 


Enhance your business processes and workflows to:


  • Improve performance
  • Boost efficiency
  • Cut costs and eliminate waste
  • Become more resilient and innovative

Manage staff and develop digital skills to:


  • Empower the right people with the right skills
  • Strike the right balance between in-house and outsourced staff

Areas of expertise

Artificial Intelligence


Leverage cognitive technologies to gain insight into company operations, automate business processes, and engage with customers. Welcome to the AI revolution.

Internet of Things


Employ robust and secure IoT solutions to monitor and analyze data collected from various sources. Make intelligent, data-driven decisions based on sensor-generated Big Data.

Cloud Computing


Improve business agility by leveraging cloud compute, storage and networking services from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.



Utilize the latest infrastructure as code and other CI/CD improvements to accelerate software delivery velocity and decrease time to market.



Use robust, secure systems to reduce business risk and increase continuity. Boost your company’s ability to operate under advanced persistent threats (APT).



Drive digital transformation, enhance trust, and enable resiliency with multi-party computation systems with an immutable system of record.

Why you might need to hire an IT consulting company

Think through and constantly improve ways of working, including:


  • Suggesting and implementing enhancements to software release processes and DevOps strategies
  • Refining and improving branching strategies to increase collaboration across teams

(2) Break down abstract, complex challenges into specific tasks.


(3) Perform day-to-day software development, testing, and quality assurance tasks, taking on both leadership and implementation roles.

Benefits of working with an IT consultant

IT consultants think through and constantly improve your ways of working. They give you access to high-quality engineering talent, industry-leading methodologies, and best practices that are battle tested over decades of project experience across numerous clients and industries. The benefits of an IT consultant include:


  • In-depth expertise: IT consultants have specialized skills and extensive knowledge about the technologies and tools your company needs. 
  • Knowledge transfer: IT consultants can share their expert knowledge via training and a knowledge base, bringing long-term benefits to your organization.
  • Faster time to market: Good IT consultants require minimal ramp-up time and use the right tools and practices to enable faster time to market. 
  • Cost savings: With a good IT consulting company, you can achieve substantial cost savings, as it often takes them less time and fewer staff to complete projects. 
  • Flexibility: A good IT consulting company is highly-flexible and can scale their team up or down in response to project needs. For example, they can add more QA engineers for a sprint requiring more testing.
  • Enhanced security and compliance: IT consultants identify security threats and compliance issues in your organization’s environment. They engage with your in-house staff to resolve the issues according to industry-standard practices and protocols.
  • A fresh perspective: With an in-depth experience and a fresh look on the IT landscape, IT consultants can discover issues overlooked by your in-house staff and can recommend more innovative and practical solutions based on industry-proven best practices.
  • Improved ways of working: IT consultants suggest and implement improvements to software release processes and DevOps strategies. They refine and enhance branching strategies to boost collaboration across teams.

Our software consulting workflow

Analyze →

Work processes and technology choices are analyzed. Issues and bottlenecks are identified. An analysis of work processes and technology choices, with the identification of issues and bottlenecks. We analyze your work processes and technology choices, identifying issues and bottlenecks.

Plan →

We create an actionable plan to help you resolve issues, re-architect, or re-engineer digital solutions by employing the best-suited technologies and frameworks.

Transform →

Our software engineers implement the changes and initiatives defined at the previous stage.

Success stories


IoT backbone for residential homes

A large-scale system to power Verizon’s IoT for residential homes, including home automation and intelligent power distribution.

A team of 16 developers from SiliconMint yielded a 200+ internal staff reduction at Verizon in Boston.


AI for faster ad approvals

An AI system for Yahoo Japan, when ad quality issues were blocking bookable revenue.

A team of 12 dedicated developers from SiliconMint removed the need for Yahoo Japan to hire 7,200 quality control staff in India.


Real-time trading engine

A real-time trading and alerting engine, listening to all stock market trades across the five major exchanges in the US.

A team of 10 SiliconMint engineers was brought on when the firm couldn’t hire talent fast enough in Silicon Valley.