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IT consulting services

An award-winning IT consulting company, SiliconMint sets itself apart by the technical depth and breadth of its staff. Deeply rooted in the Silicon Valley tradition, our IT consulting services drive digital transformation for organizations worldwide.
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Advisory services

We strive to deliver a measurable, lasting impact with our IT advisory services. Namely, we help our clients bridge the gap between technical and business strategy to drive optimal results. In many cases, we also optimize the technology and processes used for the planning, development, and delivery of software to improve business outcomes.

IT consulting workflow: our delivery model

Advisory services are delivered across three phases, where we analyze how your business works, draft a plan to impact change, and then focus on implementation in the transformation phase.
We examine your work processes and technology choices, identifying problems and bottlenecks.
We create an actionable plan to help you resolve issues and re-architect where needed.
Our software engineers implement the necessary changes and initiatives.
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A consultative approach

Partnering with your organization for success, we follow the below methodology to plan, optimize, and execute upon a technical roadmap to solve your business objectives.

Strategic advisory

Business and IT needs assessment
Analysis of the current business & IT goals and objectives.
In-house vs outsourced analysis
Cost-benefit analysis to decide which IT tasks and functions should be outsourced.

Technical definition

Enterprise architecture
Detailed definition of the infrastructure, systems, and components needed to satisfy all business and technical requirements.
Build vs buy (COTS)
In-depth analysis of the tradeoffs for building each part of the system in-house vs leveraging commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, including upfront and ongoing costs with a total and projected ROI.

Optimized operations

Software development processes
Assessment of the current software development processes and their efficiency. Optimization of the same processes to streamline delivery with current development capacity.
Software delivery & DevOps
Definition and implementation of effective DevOps processes, taking into account how existing teams work and the current bottlenecks.

Implementation plan

Rollout & deployment
Detailed technical plan for the deployment of complex, distributed systems and the runbooks associated with operating them.
Software development & testing
In-depth plan for the development and testing of key features, broken down by milestones and key business objectives achieved in each phase.
Training & support plan
Creation of a thorough plan for how to train both IT personnel and business stakeholders on the operation, use, and maintenance of the created software systems.

Ready for a technical assessment?

We offer a free assessment during a one-week period to qualified organizations.
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Areas of expertise

Artificial intelligence

Leverage cognitive technologies to gain insight into company operations, automate business processes, and engage with customers. Welcome to the AI revolution.

Internet of things

Employ robust and secure IoT solutions to monitor and analyze data collected from various sources. Make intelligent, data-driven decisions based on sensor-generated Big Data.

Cloud computing

Improve business agility by leveraging cloud compute, storage, and networking services from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.


Utilize the latest infrastructure as code and other CI/CD improvements to accelerate software delivery velocity and decrease time to market.


Use robust, secure systems to reduce business risk and increase continuity. Boost your company's ability to operate under advanced persistent threats (APT).


Drive digital transformation, enhance trust, and enable resiliency with multi-party computation systems with an immutable system of record.

Benefits of working with an IT consultancy

IT consultants think through and constantly improve your ways of working. They give you access to high-quality engineering talent, industry-leading methodologies, and best practices that have been battle-tested over decades of project experience across numerous clients and industries.
The benefits of an IT consultant include:

In-depth expertise

IT consultants have specialized skills and extensive knowledge about the technologies and tools your company needs.

Knowledge transfer

IT consultants can share their expert knowledge via training and a knowledge base, bringing long-term benefits to your organization.

Faster time to market

Good IT consultants require minimal ramp-up time and use the right tools and practices to enable faster time to market.

Cost savings

With a good IT consulting company, you can achieve substantial cost savings, as it often takes them less time and fewer staff to complete projects.


A good IT consulting company is highly-flexible and can scale their team up or down in response to project needs. For example, they can add more QA engineers for a sprint requiring more testing.

Enhanced security and compliance

IT consultants identify security threats and compliance issues in your organization's environment. They engage with your in-house staff to resolve the issues according to industry-standard practices and protocols.

A fresh perspective

With an in-depth experience and a fresh look on the IT landscape, IT consultants can discover issues overlooked by your in-house staff and can recommend more innovative and practical solutions based on industry-proven best practices.

Improved ways of working

IT consultants suggest and implement improvements to software release processes and DevOps strategies. They refine and enhance branching strategies to boost collaboration across teams.

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What does an IT consulting company do?

An IT consulting company provides IT & software consulting services. It engages with their clients to help refine their IT strategy, provide recommendations on the appropriate technology solutions, and improve ways of working by leveraging the advantages of digital technologies. In addition, a good IT consulting company offers software development services to help implement the needed changes using best-in-class technologies and frameworks.

What are IT consulting services?

IT consulting services, aka software consulting services, help businesses thrive and grow in the digital landscape by staying abreast of the latest technologies. IT consulting services include:
  • Strategic advisory services
  • Implementation plan definition
  • Software delivery and operations consulting

What do IT consultants do?

IT consultants work with clients to:
  1. Identify potential business issues
  2. Create an actionable plan to solve the issues
  3. Implement the plan using the most appropriate technologies and frameworks
Additionally, IT consultants share their expert knowledge via training and documentation.

Why are IT consultants' services important for business?

IT consultants provide software consulting services and give access to quality engineering talent, leading-edge methodologies, and best practices to help you digitally transform your organization.
IT consultants provide the following benefits to their clients:
  • Share expert knowledge via training and documentation to help you build the knowledge base and expertise of your organization.
  • Help to get to market faster by using the right tools and technologies, while requiring minimal ramp-up time.
  • Help you achieve greater cost savings because good IT consultants require less time and fewer staff to complete digital initiatives.
  • Enhance security and compliance. IT consultants help their clients identify and resolve security and compliance issues.
  • With a fresh look on the IT system of an organization combined with deep expertise, IT consultants can recommend more innovative and practical solutions and often identify issues overlooked by your in-house staff.
  • Provide high-performance dedicated engineering teams to deliver digital solutions. The dedicated teams can be scaled up when necessary.
  • Suggest and implement improvements to branching and DevOps strategies.
  • Break down abstract, complex challenges into specific tasks.
  • Perform day-to-day software development and QA tasks.

What are the advantages of our IT consulting firm?

SiliconMint differentiates from other IT consulting firms by the depth of technical acumen of our consulting staff. Our team of IT consultants help businesses outperform the competition by optimizing their IT system and improving their ways of working.
An in-depth analysis of clients' IT landscape lets our IT consultants identify weak spots and bottlenecks, and implement the necessary changes according to the latest trends.
Our IT consultants have deep expertise in the following areas:
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Internet of things
  • Cloud computing
  • DevOps
  • CyberSecurity
  • Blockchain
We help our clients refine IT strategy and leverage the advantages of digital technologies to boost the performance and growth of our clients' organizations.

What IT consulting services do we offer?

The IT consulting services offered by our IT consulting company include:
  • Strategic advisory
  • Designing system architectures
  • Optimization of software delivery process
  • Implementation of effective DevOps practices
  • Planning software development and QA
  • Creating a rollout and deployment strategy for custom and off-the-shelf software
In today's world affected by the COVID-19 crisis, businesses need to implement digital initiatives at immense speed and scale in order to retain great agility and keep their competitive edge. The experts provided by our IT consulting company will help you pilot your digital initiatives and modernize your IT landscape quickly and effectively.
SiliconMint's IT consultants strive to help you stay competitive, improve your processes, and optimize your software portfolio. We will identify issues and bottlenecks in the existing IT landscape, create an actionable plan to help you resolve the issues, and implement the changes with the help of our high-performance engineering teams.