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Passionate & driven

software development + consulting
Our software development company architects, builds, and supports business-critical software systems. We partner with our customers to solve complex problems in software engineering and computer science, delivering meaningful impact and lasting value.

At the intersection of passion + technology,

we strive to deliver lasting value for our customers, bring success to our partners, and create meaningful impact in our local communities.

The aim is to leverage our deep understanding of the what, the why, and the how to deliver quality solutions, strategies, and systems at the highest velocity possible.

Shared success from around the globe

Delivering lasting impact since 2012 from our San Francisco HQ and global offices worldwide

Up to 12x faster

software development with the MintData no-code platform

We created MintData™—a no-code application development platform.
For cases where it makes sense, we're able to use MintData to build software up to 12x faster* than traditional software development teams.

* Based on measurements of MintData implementations at enterprise customers.

History & culture

Two engineers, one kitchen table
That's how SiliconMint started.

Yahoo Japan gave us the chance to build an AI-driven system for ad approvals. We jumped at the chance.

We later learned other firms said it was impossible to build the system, and that 7,000 humans had to do the work instead.
SiliconMint ships AI system for Yahoo Japan
The SiliconMint engineering team grows. We get lots of gray hair in figuring out the algorithms to power Yahoo Japan's system.

SiliconMint ships the AI-powered ad approval system into production, improving the time-to-approval for ads on by 1,600%. Executives at Yahoo Japan get praised and promoted as a result of this work.
SiliconMint builds a trading platform for Goldman Sachs
Always on the lookout for a fun technical challenge, SiliconMint gets the chance to build a trading platform for a Goldman Sachs entity.

The SiliconMint team expands, the first ex-Google engineer joins the team, and SiliconMint builds a real-time trading platform for portfolio balancing, alarming, and trade execution.
A no-code platform is born
Based on lessons learned from building the Goldman Sachs high-load, real-time trading engine, SiliconMint branches out into building its first product—the MintData real-time stream processor.

Capable of handling over 1,000,000 events per second on laptop-grade hardware, the engine becomes one of the world's fastest distributed systems for IoT, AdTech, and the FinTech sectors.
Verizon licenses MintData for IoT platform
A year of hard engineering effort pays off—Verizon licenses the MintData real-time stream processor and asks the SiliconMint team to build the Verizon residential IoT platform on top.

The SiliconMint team builds a residential IoT backbone on top of the MintData real-time stream processor to support tens of millions of homes on the US East Coast.
SiliconMint enters new verticals
With the Verizon IoT system in production, SiliconMint expands its sales and marketing activities, opens regional offices and takes on new technical challenges in the FinTech, AdTech, Gaming, IoT, and education sectors.

Numerous notable wins ensue, including a real-time fraud detection system for a UK lender that reduces lending risk and increases outcomes for the entire UK population.
MintData 2.0: no-code platform
The next generation of the MintData platform is born—this time featuring the world's first spreadsheet that lets non-technical staff build application logic instead of crunching numbers.

SiliconMint's consulting practice expands as well, with a diverse range of dedicated software engineering teams working alongside SiliconMint's customers to deliver software systems at breakneck speed.
Expansion into new markets
SiliconMint expands its presence in the financial services vertical, working with a number of organizations to improve the lives of its customers and their respective end-users.

Large-scale payment processing systems, loan engines, and numerous other systems are built. SiliconMint earns a reputation as a dependable software engineering partner for a large number of organizations in the US and EU.
MintData 3.0 ships
SiliconMint delivers the next generation of the MintData no-code platform, adding features that are critical for real-time, multi-user collaboration and design-parity features that approach the design freedom of Figma.

SiliconMint's consulting practice expands to include large, well-known companies where SiliconMint is responsible for building key software systems and architecting multi-year efforts for cloud migration.
We're excited about what the future will bring
We live in amazing times. With the MintData platform rapidly accelerating digital transformation at companies worldwide and the SiliconMint consulting practice providing measurable impact for our customers and partners, we're excited to see what the future will bring.

Our local community impact

Giving back to the community and supporting education at all levels is a key part of what we believe in and do.

Our values

We believe in giving back to the community, supporting local charities and projects that make a difference in people's lives. In 2021, we've partnered with a local food bank organization to sponsor meals for the homeless and others in need.

Our support of education

It all started with a hackathon...
Organized by Finastra, the hackathon had teams of company employees and high school students compete to solve a fintech business challenge by using programming. Most adult and high school student teams chose to use the traditional software development approach. However, two teams chose to use the MintData no-code application development platform.
and finished with enduring knowledge
The two teams were trained by SiliconMint staff on general principles in software engineering and computer science, in addition to the latest approach of no-code programming using a spreadsheet interface.

Both the adult and high school teams at Finastra using MintData won 1st and 2nd place in the competition, having gained valuable, practical knowledge in software development in the process.

SiliconMint STEM scholarship

Our bi-annual scholarship helps talented undergraduates and graduates cover their educational expenses. Every six months, the most qualified student is awarded $2000.

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