Real-time Stream Processing

The fastest way to craft logic and visualize stream processing at scale.

Stream Processor Engine

Out of frustration with Apache Storm and performance issues with Apache Spark, a new stream processor was built.

Designed to handle the reliability, scale and throughput needs of today's large-scale, real-time applications, it comes with a core library of components to accelerate adoption.

Core Library

• Standard Stream Operators
• In-Stream Analytical Functions
• Optimized Web Crawl & Network I/O Routines

Queue Integrations

• Kafka, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ and other JMS brokers

Storage Backends

• NoSQL Engines (Cassandra, ElasticSearch, MongoDB)
• SQL Engines (MySQL, Postgres, Redshift and variants)

> 1 million events / second / node
(commodity hardware)
~10 ms end-to-end latency
(typical workloads)

Robust Data Flow (FBP) Processing Model Image

Visual Designer

A visual designer accelerates the development of user interfaces and cloud services that run on the stream processor.

The Visual Designer has been leveraged for marketing optimization, trading & loan origination platforms, e-commerce price intelligence, IoT messaging services, and numerous other scenarios.