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Design-focused no-code platform

to create beautiful digital experiences
MintData is a no-code application development platform that empowers users of any technical background to create powerful software. From prototypes to complex applications, MintData provides a robust, enterprise-grade environment to build, test, and deploy applications in a fast and efficient way.

Ideal for non-technical staff

With a simple drag-and-drop canvas and intuitive spreadsheet interface, MintData enables citizen developers to build powerful applications quickly.

Great for collaboration

Create and edit applications together, in real-time. Share a link with colleagues and see each other's edits to the application—just like a Google doc.

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See MintData in action

Build fully featured applications that adjust automatically to any screen size. No matter your programming experience, you can now take part in the app creation process.

Integrates with enterprise data sources

MintData integrates natively with many popular data sources, including:

  • SQL databases (mySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server)

  • Queues (Kafka, RabbitMQ)

  • Data warehouses (Google BigQuery, Amazon RedShift)

  • NoSQL databases (ElasticSearch)

Versioned application designs and multiple environments

MintData provides the ability to both version an application's design and to publish to a staging environment to perform beta-testing before publishing an application or a feature to the production environment.

Enterprise-grade security

Data at rest and in motion is encrypted on the MintData platform using standard best practices for key storage, rotation, and access.

Want to deploy MintData on-premise?

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UX flexibility and design freedom

MintData provides an advanced layout system and UI components that let you create powerful applications from scratch or by using a template.

A new kind of spreadsheet

The first spreadsheet that allows you to define application behavior:

  • Control state for user interactions

  • Control component layouts

  • Hook up to remote data sources

  • Store and manipulate data

Explore the MintData platform

Create enterprise applications quickly and efficiently with MintData.

Browser-based app builder

MintData is a browser-based platform so there's no need to download or install anything to get started.

Experience the future of app development

Empower citizen developers to quickly build powerful digital experiences. With a sharp focus on design, MintData lets your workforce create applications to automate business workflows and solve common challenges.

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