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What sets us apart

Silicon Valley mentality

From etched silicon pathways to cloud architectures, we think it's important to understand how things work at a deep, fundamental level.

In-depth understanding of technology underpins everything we do—from the consultative approach we offer our clients, to the quality of engineering teams we assemble, to our genuine care for doing things right.

High performance teams

who love their craft

Our engineering team is built from top tier talent through an extensive process that values not only knowledge and experience, but more importantly aptitude and passion for the craft of programming itself.

Up to 12x faster

software development with the MintData no-code platform

We created MintData™—a no-code application development platform.
For cases where it makes sense, we're able to use MintData to build software up to 12x faster* than traditional software development teams.

* Based on measurements of MintData implementations at enterprise customers.

How we work with clients

We think the why is as important as the what—when working with our clients, we strive to understand the business and technical goals in addition to the more specific details.

Yielding the optimal blend of consultancy and software development, we aim to be the ideal partner.
We work to understand the goals and objectives for your project and organization. We then review the people, processes, and technologies used.
Based on the discovery phase, we craft a concrete technical plan for realizing the goals and objectives for your project.
The first dedicated software development team starts working with your organization to realize project goals and objectives.
We gather feedback on what is working well and what can be improved, both within our teams and within your organization.
For increased software delivery velocity, add dedicated teams as needed.
We take great pride in our work, supporting the codebase and infrastructure behind systems we've developed.

How we're different from the competition

When a consultancy and software development capability are under one roof, better decisions are made, maintenance costs are reduced, and software is delivered at a higher velocity.
Eli Kozik
Eli Kozik
CTO, SiliconMint

Our thoughts on the competition

We welcome the opportunity for a bake-off to benchmark our performance in both consulting and implementation when compared to any vendor.
Technology to accelerate development?
Great at both? Consulting + Implementation
Yes, up to 12X faster with MintData
Software Development
Tech to accelerate
12X faster:
Great at

Benefits of working with us

Western mentality

We are hardworking, passionate, and straightforward people—our mentality and cultural values closely match those in the West.

Technical strength

Our engineers are known for their high technical competency level. Many have started learning programming early in their life.

Experienced leadership

Our teams are led by technical staff with a strong programming background, where many started practicing the craft from a young age.

Robust education

Besides years of hands-on experience, our staff received high-quality IT education through cutting-edge faciliies for learning software engineering, quality assurance, and data-science.

Time zone advantage

We use the time difference to our advantage. With overlap of 4-5 hours each day with our clients in the US, we use our meetings to drive efficient communication and do heads-down work.

Cost effective

Doing things right and efficiently matters. While price is the amount you pay per week for the development team, cost is your total cost of ownership (TCO). We have one of the lowest TCOs in the industry.

Our philosophy

Ikigai happens when
  what you're good at
    overlaps with what you love and
      what the world needs

High performance teams have high ikigai

experienced people + love their work = productive
When you assemble a team with high ikigai, magic happens. Experienced people who love their work are productive, tasks are done with high fidelity, and decisions are made with care.

At SiliconMint, this is the foundation of how we assemble engineering teams: people who are deeply technical, love what they do, and have a passion for the craft of programming itself.
Stay small, stay hungry
You don't need a large team to accomplish great things. Conversely, great things are accomplished by small teams.

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