IT Staff Augmentation Services

to accelerate software development & delivery

Can’t hire technical staff fast enough?

A dedicated IT staff augmentation company, SiliconMint helps you extend your in-house team with the right engineering talent quickly and effortlessly. Let us know your needs and requirements and we’ll provide you with experts that accelerate your software development journey.

What is IT staff augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is a collaboration model where a client hires outside personnel from a software development company to fill in staffing gaps in the client’s organization.

Current outsourcing vendor not performing?

If you have issues with the staff provided by your current vendor, try SiliconMint’s IT staff augmentation services. We’ll take over the tasks and steer your project to success.

Can’t find the right skillset or seniority?

SiliconMint will provide engineers with deep expertise in the technologies used within your organization. Additionally, our staff exemplifies these qualities:

  • Have excellent people skills
  • Can work independently
  • Think several steps ahead
  • Raise objections when they see that something is not right
  • Suggest improved ways to solve issues

Need to flex team size up and down over time?

SiliconMint helps you augment your in-house team’s capacity by providing the right engineering staff when you need it. We will swiftly scale our staff up or down in response to your current project needs and requirements.

What are IT staff augmentation services?

IT staff augmentation services imply allocation of offshore dedicated staff to complement existing in-house teams on a temporary basis. The IT staff augmentation company takes care of all recruitment and administrative support (salary, PTO, sick leaves, etc.).

What to look for in your IT staff augmentation company?

  • Experience
    • Extensive industry experience
    • Good track record
    • Great customer references 
  • Technical expertise
      • In-depth, multi-project experience in the tasks you’re outsourcing
      • Deep expertise in the relevant technical areas
      • Use of effective software development methodologies
  • Attitude
      • 100% dedication to your tasks and initiatives
      • Desire to do it right for the long haul
      • No fear of raising objections when needed
  • Communication
      • Robust English proficiency (both spoken and written)
      • Adequate time difference
      • Good cultural compatibility
      • Reliable equipment and Internet connectivity

Benefits of working with SiliconMint

Right approach

At SiliconMint, we believe in doing things the right way. That’s why, in order to complement your existing team with the right engineering staff, we work with you to thoroughly understand your goals and objectives.

Best engineering talent

We rely on the deep technical expertise of our staff to help you deliver high-quality software in the most efficient way. With the IT staff augmentation services provided by SiliconMint, you will get top-notch engineering talent without the hassle of hiring staff in-house.

Clear communication

Our culture closely matches Western values. We’re not afraid to raise objections if a technical solution or approach poses short-term or long-term harm to the project. In addition, all our staff has good command of the English language and excellent soft skills.


We value every day of working with your organization and are fully dedicated to your project’s tasks and initiatives. We strive to perform at and above the velocity of existing teams.

How to leverage IT staff augmentation?

Step 1


We get acquainted with your company, your goals and objectives, to ensure the best suited IT staff augmentation services.

Step 2


Based on your goals and objectives, we define the required skillset and experience for optimum IT staff augmentation services.

Step 3


Our staff starts working (the right quantity of staff in the right roles)

Success stories


Verizon’s IoT backbone (yielding a 200+ internal staff reduction at Verizon Boston)


An AI system for Yahoo Japan (when a team of 12 SiliconMint engineers was able to develop the system eliminating the need to hire over 7,000 staff in India)


A real-time trading platform for Goldman Sachs (when they couldn’t hire top talent fast enough)

What is the difference between staff augmentation and project outsourcing?

The key difference between IT staff augmentation and project outsourcing is:

  • With staff augmentation, you augment your team with engineering staff provided by the IT staff augmentation services company and directly control the extended team.
  • With project outsourcing, you contract with a software development vendor to ship deliverables on a project, which means that the vendor is responsible for all outcomes and performs day to day management of the team.

How is IT staff augmentation different from dedicated development teams?

Although very similar, the IT staff augmentation and dedicated team models have some differences:

Staff Augmentation

Dedicated Team

Long-term vs short-term projects

IT staff augmentation services are more appropriate for short-term initiatives

Dedicated teams are a better fit for long-term projects

→ Hire dedicated developers

Who is responsible for business analysis and project management activities?

Your organization (unless your software development staff augmentation services entail provision of a business analyst or project manager???)

A good dedicated team provider will appoint a team leader who will take care of business analysis and project management activities.

Who is responsible for the risk of the team falling apart, conflict resolution, and overall team cohesion and unity?

Your organization

Dedicated team provider (the technical leads on each team)

Our expertise






















Desktop Web


No Code / Low Code


Mobile Web

React Native
Apache Cordova
Ionic Capacitor

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Mobile Native

Objective C on iOS
Swift on iOS

Java on Android
C++ on Android













    Kafka (queue)   

    JMS (Java Message Service) 



    Apache Hadoo    

    Apache Druid


    Apache Ignite (GridGain)



   Data Warehouse




   Distributed File Systems














   SQL Server



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Healthcare software solutions that help healthcare organizations streamline clinical operations, secure patient information, and balance costs.

Education / Ed-Tech

Bespoke eLearning solutions for businesses and educational institutions. Capitalize on our EdTech development services to increase training efficiency and improve learning experience. 

Fintech  /Banking / Insurance  Loans Mortgages

Digitally transform your services with innovative technologies for better operational agility, faster response times, and improved customer experience.

Gaming / MMO
Leverage our substantial expertise to create the best gaming experience for your users.

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Digitally enhance your logistics management systems for better inventory management, higher performance, and greater supply-chain visibility based on real-time sensor-driven data.


State-of-the-art software solutions for telecom companies. Streamline communication processes, reduce costs and Increase the bottom line.

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