Cloud Application Development Services

Cloud applications power today's incredible user experiences.
Straightforward to envision, but notoriously difficult to build.
At SiliconMint, it's our focus -- building reliable, scalable cloud solutions.

It Starts With a Cloud

Whether migrating an existing application or designing a new one from scratch, our initial focus is to align the technical architecture with business objectives:


  • Feature Set
  • Time to Market
  • Qualitative Constraints

Given our experience building cloud services, we provide guidance on the tradeoffs associated with each decision, and then formulate a technical architecture that blends key ingredients:


  1. Managed Cloud Services
    Network security, storage (relational and; NoSQL), queues, application layer firewalls, overall QoS strategies, and other managed offerings from cloud vendors.
  2. Open Source Alternatives
    Storage, queues, service discovery, and commonly deployed open source portions of the stack.
  3. Custom Cloud Services
    Custom application logic we build from scratch, only where absolutely necessary to support the scale and/or scope of a specific business requirement.

We always stress that the best software is software not written, so to the extent possible, we advocate using the first two categories when the business objectives permit.


Network Security
VPC, Virtual Network, VLAN

Relational Storage
MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer

Document-oriented Storage
ElasticSearch, MongoDB

Scale-out Storage
HBase, Cassandra

Kafka, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ

Service Discovery
Consul, ZooKeeper, custom

Key Questions:


  • Which cloud platform is the right fit? (AWS, GCP, Azure, or a private / bare-metal cloud)
  • What is the right set of managed cloud services?  What level of cloud vendor lock-in will we face and what are the trade-offs?
  • Which services should we deploy and maintain ourselves?
  • Which services and application logic should we build? Are they truly core to our business and do we really need to build them from scratch?

Clusters Provide a Real Benefit

Over time, we’ve discovered that the hype of cluster technology (Kubernetes, Mesos, and Swarm) gives way to true business benefits in the form of more predictable software delivery (even at the outset) and more maintainable software (in the long term).


As a result, we often advise on the choice of a cluster manager and the associated human processes that go with it. This increases both software release velocity and developer happiness.

Key Decision:


  • With Cluster Manager
  • Without Cluster Manager

The Minimal Set of Cloud Services

We love building robust, scalable software -- it's in our DNA. However, we're even more passionate about building the right software for the right reasons -- to support business objectives and the associated requirements and timelines.

What’s The Best Software? Software that does not need to be written.
What’s the Second Best Software? Software that is well thought through, and built with the craftsmanship that makes it straightforward to maintain.

Continuous Delivery + Operational Excellence

Continuous delivery (both the human process and technical foundation required to realize it) are at the heart of how we operate in our architect, build, document, test and acceptance phases. As a result, when a finished project is delivered, customers often feel confident they can take the support and maintenance of the project fully in-house. We welcome this fact and attribute the self sufficiency of our customers to the operational excellence we pursue throughout the entire project.

Deadline is Tomorrow?

Because we're always working on tight deadlines, we've created a no code application development platform in our spare time. It empowers the creation of rich, full-featured applications in a fraction of the time.

Create UIs and logic of any complexity, setup API integrations and connect to your existing CRM or ERP systems with ease.

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Our clients are mostly large Fortune 500 enterprises and unicorn startups

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