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Leverage best-in-class cloud application development services to power incredible user experiences. Hire cloud developers to help you build reliable and scalable cloud solutions.

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An innovation-led cloud application development company with the head office in Silicon Valley, SiliconMint provides cloud application development services tailored to clients’ needs. Our world-class cloud programmers help deliver scalable and resilient solutions using public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms.
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Cloud application development services we offer

Cloud consulting services

Hire cloud engineers/cloud consultants to help you formulate an end-to-end cloud strategy from design to implementation.

Cloud-native application development

Hire cloud developers from our cloud application development company to help you build powerful solutions from the ground up.

Cloud migration

Hire cloud engineers to help you migrate your existing applications to AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. We provide world-class cloud-based application development for our clients.

Cloud integration

Hire cloud software developers from our cloud application development company to integrate your solutions with one of the major cloud providers.

Deadline is tomorrow?

Because we're always working on tight deadlines, our cloud programmers have created a no-code application development platform in our spare time. It empowers the creation of rich, full-featured applications in a fraction of the time.

Create UIs and logic of any complexity, set up API integrations and connect to your existing CRM or ERP systems with ease.

Shared success from around the globe

Delivering lasting impact since 2012 from our San Francisco HQ and global offices worldwide

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What is the role of cluster technology in the cloud application development services you offer?

Leveraging cluster technology (Kubernetes, Mesos, and Swarm) in our cloud application development services, we can provide true business benefits in the form of more predictable software delivery and more maintainable software.
Combining a cluster manager and the associated human processes that go with it allows our cloud programmers to increase both software release velocity and developer happiness.

What is the core principle that underpins SiliconMint’s cloud app development?

Continuous delivery and operational excellence (both the human process and technical foundation required to realize it) are at the heart of our cloud application development services and how our cloud programmers operate in the architect, build, document, test, and acceptance phases.
As a result, when customers hire programmers from our cloud application development company, they feel confident they can take the support and maintenance of the project fully in-house. Our cloud application development company provides reliable support and maintenance services on demand.

What models of cloud computing services do you use in cloud app development (cloud-native development)?

One of our software development services, cloud app development, relies on three models of cloud services:
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offers infrastructure as a virtual service, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing or managing your own physical infrastructure. The cloud service provider (Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud) takes care of maintaining and updating the infrastructure.
  • Platform as a service (PaaS), like IaaS, offers infrastructure on demand, but in addition, it includes other resources (e.g. development tools, DBMS, middleware). In effect, it provides a complete cloud app development environment for cloud software developers.
  • Software as a service (SaaS) offers hosting of cloud-based applications and is a way to deliver them to users over the internet. Our cloud app development offering encompasses a complete range of services, from the design of SaaS architecture to Quality Assurance.

What is the difference between web app development and cloud app development?

The main difference between web app development and cloud app development is the fact that a web-based application requires a web browser and an internet connection to run. Leveraging cloud app development, engineers can build software that runs without a web browser and uses an internet connection just to upload or download data.
Hire software developers to take advantage of world-class cloud application development services. Our cloud application development company is ready to tackle projects of any complexity.

Which public cloud platforms does your cloud application development company use?

Our cloud application development services rely on the following public cloud platforms:
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure

What skills should a cloud software engineer have?

A cloud software engineer should be skilled in the following:
  • Cloud platforms
  • Programming
  • Linux OS
  • Networking
  • DevOps and containerization
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud security
Every cloud software engineer in our cloud application development company has in-depth expertise in the above-mentioned areas and more.

Each cloud software engineer in our company is able to provide top-notch cloud application development services including consulting, migration, and cloud software development.
Hire expert cloud software developers from our custom software development and cloud consulting company to create scalable, reliable, and secure cloud-based applications.

What are the advantages of cloud application development services?

Cloud application development services have the following benefits (in the case of public or hybrid cloud platforms):
  • Availability. Cloud technology can provide maximum uptime for your applications.
  • Scalability. Cloud platforms allow clients to easily add more processing and storage capacity.
  • Security. Cloud platforms provide maximum security of the data stored on them.
  • Cost. There is no need to buy physical servers or data centers, you just pay for the services and resources purchased.
Our cloud application development company has the top 2% of cloud software developers to get the ultimate in the quality, reliability, and security of cloud applications.

What is cloud-native development (cloud-native application development)?

Cloud-native application development (also known as cloud-native development) is development of container-based, dynamically orchestrated applications leveraging microservice architectures.

Microservices that cloud-native development relies on enable you to rapidly and automatically scale out just the services that require more network bandwidth or processing power, rather than scaling an entire app.

What is the difference between cloud-native application development and cloud-based application development?

Although cloud-native application development (also known as cloud-native development) and cloud-based application development have a lot in common, there are some differences worth mentioning.

Cloud-based application development is migration of legacy applications to the cloud without rewriting the entire application from scratch. Cloud-based application development is often used to leverage some of the cloud capabilities (security, scalability) without completely redesigning an application.

Cloud-native development, on the other hand, is development of multi-tenant, container-based applications designed specifically to run in the cloud. Cloud-native apps are multi-tenant and leverage microservice architectures to enable high availability and rapid scaling in response to traffic.

What is the cloud app development process at SiliconMint?

When we engage in a cloud app development project with our clients, we follow this workflow:
  • Discover.
    In the first phase of the cloud app development workflow, we work with clients to find out their goals and objectives.
  • Plan.
    In the second phase of the cloud software development workflow, we create a technical roadmap to implement the project goals and objectives
  • Start.
    In the third phase of the cloud software development workflow, the first cloud software development team starts working based on the technical roadmap.
  • Iterate.
    In the fourth phase of the cloud software development workflow, we get feedback from stakeholders on the work done and iterate.
  • Scale.
    If necessary, we add more cloud software development teams to accelerate delivery
  • Support.
    When cloud software development is completed, we provide support and maintenance for the software.