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Hire software developers from SiliconMint to gain a competitive edge. Deliver consistently high-quality results without hassle.

About SiliconMint

SiliconMint provides dedicated software developers to seamlessly integrate with your internal teams and processes – achieve objectives quickly and efficiently. Hire software developers from a reliable partner, trusted by world-class businesses.
Sr. Software Developers
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$55 - $80/hr
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Development Services

UI/UX Design
Product Engineering
DevOps & Automation
Software Project Rescue
QA & Testing
Cloud Migration (AWS, GCP, Azure)
Legacy Systems Migration
Maintenance & Support

UI/UX Design

Hire software developers from SiliconMint to take advantage of a full range of UX/UI design services, from conducting comprehensive research about end-users to building prototypes and UI tailored to your specific needs. We help clients create stunning digital experiences that convert into tangible business results.

Product Engineering

Hire software engineers from SiliconMint to take advantage of our decade-long, in-depth expertise in product engineering. We help companies build powerful software solutions that not only fully meet business objectives and end-user expectations but also drive the organization’s bottom line.

DevOps & Automation

Hire programmers from SiliconMint to help you deliver software faster and more reliably. Our software engineers will assess your current processes and, where necessary, automate the delivery pipeline by introducing CI/CD, continuous monitoring, and other best DevOps practices, which drastically improve software delivery.

Software Project Rescue

If your software project is on the brink of collapse and you’re looking to get it back on track fast, hire developers from SiliconMint. Backed by a decade of industry experience and deep expertise across multiple domains, our experts can quickly get to the root cause of the problem and create a plan to resolve the issues.

QA & Testing

Hire software engineers from SiliconMint to ensure your software solutions meet the highest quality standards. Our QA & testing service offering includes manual testing, automation testing, security testing, and performance testing.

Cloud Migration (AWS, GCP, Azure)

Hire software engineers from SiliconMint to migrate your existing software applications or develop new software systems from scratch by taking advantage of the Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure cloud environments.

Legacy Systems Migration

Hire programmers from SiliconMint to leverage modern technologies and create new, stunning digital experiences. Our experts will migrate your legacy systems to a newer hardware infrastructure or software platform to achieve better performance, maintenance, security, and scalability.

Maintenance & Support

To ensure that your software systems are stable, secure, and fast, hire software developers from SiliconMint to perform post-release maintenance and support services. Our software engineers will fix any found issues and add new features while keeping the software system up-to-date and compatible with existing systems.
Software Engineer
Software Architect
Software Development Engineer in Test
Manual QA Engineer
Technical Project Manager
Scrum Master
Delivery Manager
Business Analyst
Product Leader, UI/UX
UI/UX Designer
DevOps Engineer
Collaboration Models
Dedicated software development teams
Staff augmentation

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What are dedicated development teams?

A dedicated software development team is a team of software engineers that works as part of the client’s in-house team and focuses solely on the client’s initiatives. When clients hire dedicated developers, the dedicated development team vendor takes care of administrative support, recruitment, onboarding, and other items the dedicated team may need. When you’re looking to hire software engineers with robust industry experience and deep expertise across numerous technologies and domains, SiliconMint is the right choice for you.

How to hire software engineers from SiliconMint?

When you’re ready to hire programmers from us, we start off by signing an NDA, and then we follow these steps:
  1. Discover
    We work with you to thoroughly understand your goals and priorities.
  2. Plan
    We develop a specific technical roadmap for realizing the goals and objectives of your project.
  3. Start
    The first dedicated software development team starts implementing the technical roadmap.
  4. Iterate
    We gather feedback on the results of our work and iterate.
  5. Scale
    Add dedicated development teams as needed to speed up delivery.
  6. Support
    We provide support and maintenance for the software we’ve developed.

What benefits do you get when you hire software engineers from SiliconMint?

When you hire software developers from SiliconMint, you get numerous benefits including:
  • Highly experienced team leads. When you hire developers from us, you get highly qualified team leads with a strong programming background. The team leads take care of business analysis and project management activities and ensure on-time delivery, efficient communication, and seamless integration of the dedicated team with your internal team.
  • The right approach. When you hire developers from us and before we start the actual software development engagement, we work with you to thoroughly understand your goals, objectives, and ways of working.
  • Team dedication. Our software developers are 100% dedicated to clients’ tasks and initiatives and will perform at and above expectations.
  • Top-notch engineering talent. By leveraging the depth and breadth of our technical expertise, we can help you deliver faster and better results in the most efficient way, whether you hire .NET developers or hire dedicated programmers that specialize in other technologies.

Why should I hire software developers from SiliconMint and not hire a software development team in-house?

Sometimes, hiring your own software developers can be a brilliant idea, however, in most cases, you can achieve your business goals faster and cost-efficiently when you hire programmers (a dedicated software development team) from a reliable development partner such as SiliconMint. Here is when hiring a dedicated development team is your best choice:
  • Hiring the needed professionals in-house costs too much.
  • It’s not possible to hire an in-house development team fast enough to meet your objectives.
  • You need to free up resources to focus on your company's core activities.
  • You require specific skills not available in-house.
  • You have a long-term project with imprecise requirements and frequent and unpredictable scope changes.
  • There’s not enough staff to meet your project's deadlines.
  • Your software project is facing an increasing number of issues, and you promptly need a team of highly experienced software professionals to help you fix them.
    When you hire .NET programmers from SiliconMint, we’ll help you get your .NET project back on track swiftly and efficiently.