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A software outsourcing company powered by in-depth subject matter expertise and high-performance software engineering teams.

About SiliconMint

SiliconMint is a software outsourcing company based in San Francisco. With the powerful combination of Silicon Valley mentality and top offshore engineering talent, SiliconMint is famous for the unparalleled quality of outsourcing software development services we provide.
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Outsourcing software development services we offer

UI/UX Design
Product Engineering
DevOps & Automation
Software Project Rescue
QA & Testing
Cloud Migration (AWS, GCP, Azure)
Legacy Systems Migration
Maintenance & Support

UI/UX Design

The range of outsourcing software development services we offer includes end-to-end UI/UX design services, which encompass user research and development of consumer and enterprise applications. Leverage our outsourcing software development services to build powerful, tailor-made digital experiences.

Product Engineering

Our software outsourcing company leverages its deep industry expertise to provide full-cycle product engineering services. Partnering with numerous clients across a vast array of industries, SiliconMint tackles the toughest challenges that arise during product development.

DevOps & Automation

Accelerate the delivery of software solutions by taking advantage of our outsourcing software development services. Our experts will help you automate the delivery pipeline using best DevOps practices including CI/CD, continuous monitoring, and infrastructure as code.

Software Project Rescue

Using extensive industry experience, our software outsourcing company helps clients rescue projects that are facing a growing number of serious challenges. We quickly identify the root cause of the issues, create a roadmap to fix them, and implement the required changes.

QA & Testing

QA engineers from our software outsourcing company help you ensure that your software is properly tested and conforms to the highest quality standards. Our outsourcing software development services encompass end-to-end testing and quality assurance, both manual and automated.

Cloud Migration (AWS, GCP, Azure)

Harness the power of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure with our software outsourcing company. We’ll help you develop powerful cloud-based solutions from scratch or migrate your existing software to the cloud securely and reliably.

Legacy Systems Migration

Our software outsourcing company will help you leverage the latest technology trends to achieve better performance, scalability, reliability, and security. Our engineers will help you modernize your legacy software and migrate it to a modern software platform or new hardware infrastructure.

Maintenance & Support

Keep your software system stable, secure, and fast by leveraging post-release maintenance and support services provided by our software outsourcing company. Our engineers will resolve any issues and add new features while making sure the software system is up-to-date and compatible with existing systems.
Sr. Software Engineer
Software Architect
DevOps Engineer
Delivery Manager
Project Manager
Scrum Master
Business Analyst
Product Leader, UI/UX
UI/UX Designer
Automation QA Engineer
Manual QA Engineer
Collaboration Models
Dedicated software development teams
IT staff augmentation services
Fixed price

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Delivering lasting impact since 2012 from our San Francisco HQ and global offices worldwide

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What are outsourcing software development services?

Outsourcing software development services take place when a company hires an external team of developers from a software outsourcing company. The outsourcing software development company takes care of recruitment, administrative support, equipment, and other needs that the team of outsourcing developers may have.

What are the advantages of outsourcing software development?

When you hire software developers from an outsourcing software development company, here are the benefits you get:
  • Cost efficiency and access to global engineering talent. An outsourcing software development company will give you access to top-notch outsourcing developers and take care of all the hiring and recruitment costs.
  • Focus and productivity. The teams of outsourcing developers provided by a software outsourcing company are often referred to as dedicated software development teams because they are 100% focused on the client’s tasks and tend to perform better than the internal teams. To find out how, hire dedicated developers from SiliconMint.
  • Flexibility. An outsourcing software development company will rapidly reconfigure the team of outsourcing developers should project needs change.
  • Visibility and control. When you outsource development (outsource app development) you can still have the same level of control or visibility as with the in-house teams.

What are the most popular regions to outsource development (outsource app development)?

Here are the most popular destinations to outsource development (outsource app development):
  • Eastern Europe and Caucasus. The most popular countries to outsource development in this region include Poland, Ukraine and Georgia.
  • Latin America. The most popular countries to outsource development here include Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina
  • Asia-Pacific. The most popular countries to outsource development here include India, China, Vietnam, and Philippines

What is the difference between offshore and outsourcing software development services?

Outsourcing software development services refer to contracting out work to an external provider, foreign or local. Offshore software development services refer to getting work done in a different country. An offshore software development company often provides more favorable rates compared to onshore (local) companies’ rates.

How to find the right outsourcing software development company for your project?

If you’re looking to outsource development (outsource app development), check out these key qualities of a good outsourcing software development company:
  • Deep industry experience and good feedback from clients outsourcing software development to the provider. Evaluate the software outsourcing company/outsourcing developers’ portfolio and references.
  • In-depth technical expertise in the domain and tasks you’re outsourcing. Ensure that the outsourcing software development company’s technology stack meets your requirements.
  • Effective communication. Successful software outsourcing projects depend a lot on smooth communication. Therefore, when you evaluate an outsourcing software development company or outsourcing developers, it’s crucial to assess such things as English proficiency, cultural fit, time-zone difference, and Internet connection.
  • Focus on detail. The software outsourcing company’s staff (outsourcing developers) do not hesitate to ask questions to understand your project’s needs and requirements.
  • The right approach to software development. A good outsourcing software development company’s staff think of the long-term impact and risks when proposing a solution. Good outsourcing developers properly document their code, use the right tools, never forget about security, and deliver solutions bringing lasting advantages.
  • Experienced team leads. A good outsourcing software development company provides technical team leads with an extensive programming background. The team leads should combine the roles of a software developer, business analyst, development manager, and project manager.
To start working with a reliable software outsourcing company, hire programmers from SiliconMint.