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Denis Kulgavin
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Kulgavin is responsible for the overall product and service strategy at SiliconMint, including customer satisfaction and growth of the in-house no-code platform. Prior to SiliconMint, Mr. Kulgavin spent two decades in a variety of leadership roles across sales, marketing, software development, and product management. In the late 1990s, Mr. Kulgavin pioneered a visual platform to simplify the creation of control automation systems for GE Aircraft Engines, Johnson Controls, Western Allied, and other organizations in the smart building, transportation, and oil distribution sectors. In his spare time, Mr. Kulgavin enjoys traveling, listening to jazz, and wakeboarding. Denis Kulgavin holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) from the University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley).
Eli Kozik
Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Kozik is responsible for the overall technology strategy and execution at SiliconMint, including professional services delivery, product development, and all IT advisory services. Mr. Kozik brings over a decade of experience in the IT sector, including roles in software engineering, professional services, and technical leadership. Prior to SiliconMint, Mr. Kozik was responsible for the expedient delivery of services at Notime AG, including the leadership of high performance engineering teams to deliver a complex logistics system to optimize the last mile delivery problem. In an earlier role, Mr. Kozik was responsible for the architecture and delivery of a distributed loan management system at Intellectsoft for the financial services sector. In his spare time, Mr. Kozik enjoys singing, board games, and debating various technology trends with friends. Mr. Kozik holds a BS in Distributed Software Systems from BNTU.
Max Razumenko
VP, Software Engineering
Mr. Razumenko is responsible for the technical roadmap and software delivery at SiliconMint, with direct responsibility for the direction, strategy, and execution of all product development. Prior to SiliconMint, Max spent over two decades in technical roles that involved delivering complex systems to customers around the globe. While at AIG, Mr. Razumenko is most proud of the engineering culture he helped create where teams had an overall open atmosphere that encouraged learning, mentoring, and taking initiative for creating both unique and innovative solutions. In his spare time, Mr. Razumenko enjoys mountain biking, woodworking, and hiking in the great outdoors. Mr Razumenko holds a B.S. in Computing Machines, Systems & Networks from BSUIR.
Alex Stepanov
VP, Design
Alex Stepanov leads the product definition and design teams at SiliconMint, with a focus on streamlined user experience across the verticals served by the no- code platform. Prior to SiliconMint, Mr. Stepanov held a number of product management roles at WorkFusion, where he pioneered unique approaches to robotic process automation for the financial services and big data industries. Earlier in his career, Mr. Stepanov led digital experience efforts at a number of startup organizations and global brands including Expedia and WarGaming. In his spare time, Mr. Stepanov enjoys supporting local charities, sailing yachts, and is an active participant in the liberal arts. Mr. Stepanov holds BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from BSU.
Andrew Romanyuk
VP, Business Development
Andrew Romanyuk is responsible for all aspects of the growth strategy at SiliconMint, including sales, marketing, and customer development. With close to two decades of experience in a diverse range of private and public sector roles, Mr. Romanyuk brings substantial experience in how to grow a services organization without losing sight of what's important—customer satisfaction and effective, transparent, and impactful service delivery. Prior to SiliconMint, Mr. Romanyuk was responsible for the business development function at a number of banks, software firms, and retail holding organizations, which resulted in substantial growth of revenue and more streamlined operations. In his spare time, Mr. Romanyuk likes to bike, swim, and spend time with his family and friends. Mr. Romanyuk holds a BS in Managerial Economics from the University of California at Davis.
Kate Scherbakova
VP, People & Talent
Kate Scherbakova is responsible for the growth engine of SiliconMint—our people. With close to a decade of experience uncovering the world's top engineering talent, Ms. Scherbakova drives the outreach, promotion, and brand ambassador activities for the talent search function at SiliconMint. Prior to SiliconMint, Ms. Scherbakova was on the talent acquisition team at Qulix Systems, with direct responsibility for not only growing the talent base but also improving the local HR brand and its impact. In her spare time, Ms. Scherbakova enjoys playing the piano, yoga, and visiting new countries around the globe. Ms. Scherbakova holds a BS in Economics and Marketing from BSUIR.

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